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The following "projects" relate to different web resource areas about my activities in botanical research, woodturning instruction and methods, my woodturned artwork, and wood identification resources.  Click on the link below to find additional information and various kinds of useful resources.

  • Enter into the world of Cactaceae Systematics if you dare!

    This page will contain links, publications, and other resources related to the study of the evolution, phylogeny, and systematics/classification of the Cactus Family (Cactaceae).

  • End Grain of Oak (Quercus sp.)

    This page will contain instructions, examples and resources related to the identification of wood species based on cellular and anatomical characteristics using explicit, deductive methods (i.e. NOT wood recognition!)

    It also will have links to resources related to the physical properties of wood, drying characteristics, and other information of use to students, woodturners, and other woodworkers.

  • Woodturned Artwork by Rob Wallace

    The images presented here are of various pieces of woodturned artwork I have created.  Many have been sold through various galleries, art centers, and art museum shops.  Images of additional artwork will continue to be uploaded through the second half of 2020.






  • "Eucalyptus Explosion" (2016) -  Red Mallee Burl, lacquer.


    Originally published in Woodturning Fundamentals by the American Association of Woodturners

    Click on the link here:  Woodturning%20Workstation%20-%20RSW%20-%20WT-FUND%20-%20Jul14.pdf