Ruslan  Prozorov

Ruslan Prozorov

  • Professor (ISU)
  • Senior Physicist (Ames National Laboratory)
Fundamental and applied magnetism and superconductivity, nanoscience, strongly correlated electronic systems, coexisting quantum phases and quantum phase transitions, electronic and magnetic pattern formation. Phenomenological and semi-classical theory of the superconducting state, finite size effects, numerical simulations. Experimental expertise in low-temperature precision measurement techniques, such as tunnel-diode resonator, magneto-optical imaging, classical and quantum sensing using NV centers in diamond. Use of controlled disorder induced by particle irradiation to study mechanisms of superconductivity and magnetism. Properties of superconducting and magnetic materials for quantum information sciences.

Ruslan Prozorov is a low-temperature experimentalist who has worked in the fields of superconductivity, magnetism, and nanoscience for more than 30 years. He published more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed journals; his Web-of-Science reported h-index is 70. His work has led to several important contributions, such as clarification of the mechanisms of superconductivity in electron-doped high-Tc cuprates, identification of the topological hysteresis in type-I superconductors and some ferromagnets, using controlled disorder to probe intrinsic properties of quantum materials and extensive work on the London penetration depth for which he was elected a Fellow in the American Physical Society.