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AGL Alumni

AGL graduate alumni

  • Tanner Bonham, M.S. (2022), Environmental Science. Now working as a research scientist in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology at ISU.
  • Sally Carullo, M.S. (2019), Environmental Science. Currently works for U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Joshua McDanel, M.S. (2019), Environmental Science. Working as a Spatial Data Analyst for the Iowa Soybean Association.
  • Forrest Williams M.S. (2019), Environmental Science. Earned a Ph.D. at Massey University, NZ, now a Research Software Engineer with the Alaska Satellite Facility.

AGL undergraduate alumni

  • Elle Schleisman, B.S. (2022), Forestry.
  • Colton Dodson, B.S. (2020), Environmental Science.
  • Hannah Holmquist, B.S. (2019), Animal Ecology.
  • Quyn Westfall, B.S. (2019), Animal Ecology.
  • Ellen Justis, B.S. (2018), Geology & Music. Went on to pursue a M.S. at CSULB.