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Research Grants

  1. National Science Foundation (NSF-DMS-2206200) (Single-PI): Control Theory, Qualitative Analysis and Approximation of Coupled Structure-Flow Interaction Systems (2022-2025)
  2. National Science Foundation (NSF-DMS-2230000) (Single-PI): Organization of the Conference/Workshop: "7th Annual KUMUNU-ISU Conference in PDE, Dynamical Systems and Applications," April 22-23, 2023, Iowa State University, Ames-IA (2022-2023)
  3. Simons Foundation (Award Number: 960057) (Single-PI): Qualitative Analysis and Numerical Computation of PDE Systems which Govern Flow/Fluid Structure Interactions (2022-2027)
  4. National Science Foundation (NSF-DMS-1907823)  (Co-PI): Mathematical Control Theory and Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Coupled Across a Boundary Interface, (2019-2023).
  5. National Science Foundation (NSF-DMS-1616425) - (Co-PI): Analysis and Control Theory for Moving Boundary and Nonlinear Phenomena in Interactive Partial Differential Equations, (2016-2020).
  6. National Science Foundation-Turkey (TUBITAK) - Fellowships for Visiting Scientists and Scholars on Sabbatical Leave, (2016)
  7. Hacettepe University-Turkey, Scientific Research Support to visit Politecnico di Milano, (2014) 
  8. National Science Foundation-Turkey (TUBITAK), Fellowship for PhD studies,  (2006-2012)