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Development of Genomic Resources

Functional Genomic Tools for Turtles

EDGE abstract graph

NSF-Funded Project IOS 2127995 - EDGE FGT: Development of Fibroblasts and Organoids as Tools for Functional Genomics in Turtles, Applicable to Other Non-Mammalian Vertebrates. 




Painted turtle genome sequenced

Painted turtleOur lab participated in the collaborative project to sequence the painted turtle genome, as part of the Steering Committee for the project, developing transcriptomes of multiple turtle species, carrying out the classic and molecular cytogenetic analyses for its annotation and physical mapping, and conducting analyses to understand the evolution of functional traits such as sex determination.

Classic and molecular cytogenetic resources

CPIWe have developed cell lines for chromosome prepartions of a multitude of turtles as well as chromosome-specific paints which we are using for our phylogenomic research.

Developmental transcriptomes

Embryo development We have developed embryonic series of transcriptomes for multiple TSD and GSD turtle species that we are employing for our functional and evolutionary investigations.