Leandro Lab Group 2023

Leandro Lab Team

The Leandro lab conducts research on the biology, epidemiology and management of fungal diseases of soybean. We focus on diseases caused by soilborne fungal pathogens, particularly soybean sudden death syndrome and soybean root rot. Our goal is to increase profitability and sustainability of soybean production in the Midwestern US. Our current emphasis is on disease management practices that promote agricultural sustainability by improving resilience of cropping systems to climate change and reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture.

Current Research Projects

  • Impact of cropping system diversification on fungal diseases of soybean.
  • Biochar as a soil amendment for soybean disease management.
  • Plant essential oils for suppressing fungal pathogens of soybean.
  • Assessing and modeling the impact of sudden death syndrome on soybean yield at different spatial scales.