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Simon Laflamme

Simon Laflamme

  • Waldo W. Wegner Professor in Civil Engineering
  • Professor in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  • Courtesy Appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact Info

478 Town Engr.
813 Bissell Rd.


  • Ph.D, Materials & Structures - MIT '11
  • M.Eng, Civil Engineering - MIT' 07
  • B.Eng, Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics - McGill '06
  • B.Com, Economics and Finance - McGill '03

More Information

Research Group

Vahid Barzegar
Ph.D Candidate
M.Sc, Structural Engineering - Sharif University of Technology, Iran '17
B.Sc, Civil Engineering - Shiraz University, Iran '14

Han Liu
Ph.D Candidate
M.Sc, Civil Engineering - Iowa State University '20
B.Sc, Civil Engineering - Iowa State University '18
B.Sc, Civil Engineering - Lanzhou Jiaotong University '18

Zhe Wang
Ph.D Candidate
M.Sc, Structural Engineering - Iowa State University '19

Hasan Borke Birgin
Ph.D Candidate (at the University of Perugia)

Hao Lu
Ph.D. Candidate
M.Sc, Control Engineering - Beijing University of Chemical Technology '18
B.Sc, Process Equipment and Control Engineering - China University of Petroleum '14

Matthew Nelson
Ph.D Candidate
B.Sc, Civil Engineering - Iowa State University '20

Adam Thelen
Ph.D Candidate
B.Sc, Mechanical Engineering - Iowa State University '20


Simon's Alumni Group

Former Ph.D Students
[8] Jin Yan (2020), Data Scientist/Structrual Analysis Engineer, Palo Alto Research Center, CA
[7] Yongqiang Gong (2019), Structural Engineer, IA
[6] Laura Micheli (2019), Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America, DC
[5] Jonathan Hong (2019), at Applied Research Associates, FL
[4] Hao Wu (2018), Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Shanghai, China
[3] Austin Downey (2018), Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina, SC
[2] Liang Cao (2016), Research Scientist at Lehigh University, PA
[1] Hussam Saleem (2015), Structural Engineering at Michael Baker International, AR

Former M.Sc Students
[10] Lionel Mizero (2021), Structural Engineer at Design Engineering Inc., LA
[9] Irvin Pinto (2017), Ph.D Student at Iowa State University, IA
[8] Yuesheng Li (2017)
[7] Sijia Lu (2017), Structural Engineer at Arcplus Group PLC, China
[6] Abhimanu (2015), at Milender White Construction, CO
[5] Sari Kharroub (2014), at Consor Engineering, FL
[4] Jingzhe Wu (2014), at World Bank, DC
[3] Chunhui Song (2014), at Bennett & Pless, FL
[2] Steve Pritchett (2014)
[1] Venkata Kollipara (2013), Structural Engineer at CDM Smith, NC