Julie A Dickerson

Julie A Dickerson

  • Northrop Grumman Professor
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
I am currently the Northrop Grumman Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have served as an NSF Program Officer in the Advances for Biological Informatics in the BIO directorate. My research program focuses on the application of data science to bioinformatics; this has led to successful collaborations with faculty across ISU. I have been privileged to play a key role in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) Program as a past chair and as a core curriculum developer. My development of the core systems biology course for all BCB students has enabled students to learn the basics of network science and data science as applied to biological systems.
I have graduated 21 Ph.D. students as an advisor or co-advisor. These students were supported through my research grants. My advisees have taken both leadership and service scientist positions at corporations, research laboratories, and universities. This success has shown me the importance of training students to succeed in a diverse set of career paths and ensuring that they have strong communication skills.


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  • Ph.D. EE University of Southern California
  • MS EE University of Southern California
  • BS EE University of California at San Diego