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  • Photo of College Creek as it runs through the Daley Park Riparian Buffer




    A riparian buffer has been established in 2007 on this site in order to protect College Creek and encourage native wildlife to return to the area. The buffer consists of trees, shrubs, and prairie plants that provide food and habitat for insects and animals, in addition to stabilizing  the soil with their extensive root systems. Partners for this project include personnel from the City of Ames departments of Public Works and Parks and Recreation, Iowa State University researchers, and personnel from Facilities Planning and Management at ISU. Funding comes primarily from the EPA, the University of Iowa Hygienic Lab, and Iowa State University.




    Species that have been planted in this riparian buffer: 

  • Iowa UrbanFEWS

    The Iowa UrbanFEWS project is run by an interdisciplinary Sustainable Cities team with researchers from Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, and University of Texas at Arlington. The research is supported by a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a framework for analysis of food, energy and water systems are working to develop social and biophysical models to integrate local food systems, climate dynamics, built forms and environmental impacts into the urban food, energy water system (FEWS) nexus.

  • Brief summary paragraph.

  • Graduate student processes stormwater samples

    Researchers within the UNREAL Lab work to quantify the effects of distributed urban stormwater BMPs at the residential neighborhood, and city-scales by monitoring stormwater runoff from select neighborhoods in Iowa as well as by modeling the hydrologic impacts of BMPs adoption. Additionally, results from social surveys of urban residential homeowners are being use to better understand the factors that affect small-scale BMP adoption on private land and to improve education and outreach efforts by conservation groups, restoration projects, and city officials.