ISU Math Education Programs

Mathematics Education 




The Mathematics Education program strongly emphasizes equity and mathematics content and the role of mathematical thinking in teaching and learning mathematics with diverse students. Our mathematics education program includes undergraduate and graduate programs for license recommendation and degrees from elementary through college levels of instruction. Our students become leaders in mathematics education at all levels.


Our program offers a variety of degrees for pre-professional and professional teachers and advanced degrees for students interested in tackling mathematics teaching in-depth. 

  • I'm interested in a doctoral study for research and/or teaching mathematics education at the college level.
    • Ph.D. in mathematics education


  • I'm interested in a master’s degree in mathematics education, but I don't need certification.
    • M.S. in mathematics education
    • M.Ed in mathematics education




  • I am an elementary education major but want to teach only mathematics or teach in middle schools. 
    • K-8 mathematics endorsement program
    • 5-8 Algebra for High School Credit endorsement (This additional endorsement enables K-8 mathematics endorsement holders to teach Algebra to grades 5-8 for high school credit.)




For preservice teachers who like to teach mathematics, we have a student organization, Equipping Math Teachers, also a student affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). EMT is the only NCTM student affiliate in Iowa. As a member of EMT, you can receive a complimentary NCTM e-student membership and participate in regular meetings and various events for future math teachers. If you are interested in becoming a member of EMT, visit this site


Our Faculty


Mollie Appelgate

Associate Professor/Program Lead/Elementary Mathematics Education

Ji Yeong I

Associate Professor/Secondary Mathematics Education Program Coordinator

Dina Hamouche

Adjunct Professor

Denise Carlson

Adjunct Professor

Sandy Ubben

Graduate Adjunct Professor