PHYS 422X/522X: Foundations of Quantum Computing

I have developed a new course to serve as an introduction to quantum computing for students from a variety of backgrounds. The course is open to both undergrads (422X) and grad students (522X, which undergrads are also welcome to sign up for) from all STEM disciplines. The course has been designed to be accessible for anybody who has taken a linear algebra course. If you'd like to learn more, please check out this slide deck with a quick advertisement for the class!

Teaching at Iowa State University

  • Spring 2022: Foundations of Quantum Computing (PHYS 422X/522X)
  • Fall 2021: Lecture instructor for Introduction to Classical Physics II (PHYS 232)
  • Spring 2021: Primary instructor for Foundations of Quantum Computing (PHYS 422X/522X), a new experimental course on quantum computing!
  • Fall 2020: Lecture Help Session instructor for Introduction to Classical Physics II (PHYS 232X).
  • Spring 2020: Recitation instructor for Introduction to Classical Physics I (PHYS 221).