Services Offered

We offer the following services (but reserve the right to decline any request).  Requests for services, when accepted, will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.  New requests for service may not be fulfilled immediately if staff and/or facilities are fulfilling grant-funded research and other requests for service.  Results will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet, with treatment means calculated. No other analysis of results will be performed.

SCN Egg Sales

  • Due to conditions out of our control, we no longer sell SCN eggs.

Field Plots - $150.00 per plot (minimum of 4 replications) includes:

  • all field preparation and weed control
  • emergence, height, and lodging data
  • spring and fall SCN egg counts
  • yield
  • other data upon request (at additional cost, possibly)
  • additional fee for evaluation of materials requiring extra labor to apply - check with Greg Tylka or Chris Marett

Greenhouse Screening - see protocol

  • 2 results categories (resistant and susceptible) - $5.00 per cone-tainer
  • 4 results categories (resistant, moderately resistant moderately susceptible, susceptible) - $10.00 per cone-tainer
  • SCN female counts - $15.00 per cone-tainer

SCN Sample Processing

Complete Nematode Sample Processing (including corn)

Prices subject to change without notice. To confirm pricing and make arrangements for services, please contact either Greg Tylka or Chris Marett