For the most part, math papers are dry and technical documents, written to convey theorems and proofs in an efficient way. Oftentimes, they don't give any indication how results were discovered or how much editing was necessary to get the paper into its final format. One of my goals in math is to break the illusion that research is a polished and streamlined process.

In order to do that, I try to give some insight into the process behind the scenes. For me, doing math is a very human process, filled with messy sketches, rough heuristics. While working on a problem, my desk is filled with doodles and calculations, many of which end up being dead ends.

On this page, I've tried to provide some "semi-polished doodles" in Geogebra, which can be used to reproduce some of my sketches. I've also provided some Mathematica notebooks which can be used to reproduce some of the more involved computations.