B.Sc. in Agricultural and Rural Policy Studies 

Coordinator and Faculty Advisor


Undergraduate Courses

Orientation to Agriculture and Society (Soc 110)

Rural Society in Transition (Soc 230)

Social Science Research Methods (Soc 302)

Community: Rural Perspectives (Soc 310)

Community and Crime (CJST 484)

Rural Community Economics (AEcn 376 at U. of Nebraska)

Graduate Courses

Research Methodology for the Social Sciences (Soc 511)

Applied Multivariate Statistics (Soc 512 / Soc 698P)

Rural Development and Community (Soc 533 / Soc 698L)

Structural Equation Models (Soc 613)

Economic Development Strategies and Programs (CDev 513)

Local Economic Analysis (AEcn 876 at U. of Nebraska)