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My research falls under general areas related to biomechanics and motor control of human movement, with focuses on the investigation of mobility impairments associated with ageing, musculoskeletal diseases or injuries, and traumatic brain injury. Below is a list of my current research projects.

  • Fatigue is a prevalent symptom in work settings and often found in the older population. It negatively impacts the quality of life and associates with elevated mortality rates in the older population. In addition, cognitive dysfunction is another important intrinsic factor of fall accidents. This study is aimed to examine effects of fatigue, induced by a laboratory-based fatigue protocol or an occupational activity, on balance control, cognitive performance, and their interaction. 

  • Objectives of this study are to identify acceleration-based biomechanical markers associated with mTBI related gait imbalance, develop an automated grading algorithm, and package gait analysis hardware and algorithms into a smart phone-based application easily and reliably employed in the clinical or forward deployed settings.