Deflagration of AP HTPB propellant

Welcome to the Solid Mechanics Research Group at Iowa State University

The discipline of solid mechanics is concerned with determining how structural materials respond to external loading, and – often – predicting the reliability and safety of the materials in their environments. Materials are uniquely complex in that they exhibit vastly different behaviors at different scales. At the nanometer scale, they behave as lattices of atoms or, perhaps, chains of polymer. At the mesoscale, they exhibit features, such as grain boundaries, that act as key players in mechanical processes. At the application scale, these microscopic behaviors present as behaviors that we all know and understand: plasticity, viscoelasticity, fracture, etc. Understanding this atoms-to-applications picture is a grand challenge in solid mechanics.

Our group uses the latest computational methods to develop new tools to enable better simulation of solid mechanics. We are interested in a broad range of applications, ranging from solid rocket propellant to asteroid-satellite impact.