globe view of the world with meteorological overlays to show the climateAGRON 180. Global Agriculture in a Changing World. Taught every Fall semester.

Meets International Perspecitves Requirement

(3-0) Cr. 3. F. Understanding climate and its effects on global distribution of food and water resources. The nature of climate and its variability in space and time. Use of satellites and related technology to monitor agricultural production, water availability and climate. Influence of climate and climate change on drought famine and other disruptions of essential resources. Note: This course was previously listed as AGRON 106X.

Example Syllabus (Fall 2015)





visual shot from the ground up to see soybean leaves, a cloud in the sky and the sunAGRON 508. Biophysical Crop Ecology. Taught every other Spring semester.

(3-0) Cr. 3. Sp. Physical modeling of bio-response and crop adaptation to climate. Principles of resource capture (light and water) applied to growth and development. Ecological implications of radiation, temperature, moisture, and the biological properties of size, shape, resistance to water vapor loss, and absorptivity to solar and thermal radiation. Physiological stress in the soil, plant, atmosphere continuum.

Example Syllabus (Fall 2015)