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November, 2021

Our Ph.D. student, Lin Meng, was selected as the Grand Prize winner of the Science & SciLife Lab Prize for Young Scientists this year. 

This prize is organized by Science magazine/SciLifeLab/AAAS, awarding the best PhD thesis work in life science. This prize is awarded annually to four young scientists across the globe, and then one Grand winner is selected among them. Her award essay Green with Phenology was published in Science 

July, 2020

Eyes in the Sky Improve Pollen Tracking


February, 2020

Heat trapped in urban areas tricks trees into thinking spring has arrived earlier

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July, 2019

Lin Meng, geology Ph.D. candidate, wins 2019 FINESST award from NASA

April, 2019

Dr. Yuyu Zhou honored with LAS Dean’s Emerging Faculty Leaders award

Novemember, 2017

New project to predict energy impact of heat and drought

January, 2017

New coauthored paper ("Global scenarios of urban density and its impacts on building energy use through 2050") was published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences!

BBC news: Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study shows

New coauthored paper ("Global urban signatures of phenotypic change in animal and plant populations") was published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences!

December, 2016

New paper ("Response of vegetation phenology to urbanization in the conterminous United States") was published on Global Change Biology!

August, 2016

Nightlight map shows city extent!

July, 2015

Comprehensive View of Global Potential for Hydro-Generated Electricity!

June, 2015

Nighttime view of Earth reveals size of urban sprawl!

August, 2014