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Graduate student position in grape and wine chemistry at ISU.


Dr. Aude Watrelot, Assistant Professor and Extension Enology Specialist is seeking a graduate student (MS) to work in her research laboratory. Her grape and wine chemistry laboratory is located in the Food Sciences building, on the 2nd floor.


The graduate student will work on a red wine project starting January 2022.


The student will complete his/her 2-year master study in Dr. Watrelot’s lab under her supervision.


The student will be involved in the chemical characterization of wines throughout the winemaking process. The student will be responsible for chemical characterization of basic parameters such as degree Brix, organic acids, residual sugars, alcohols, etc. and for the characterization of phenolic compounds and aroma compounds in wines. The student will be responsible for data analysis, interpretation and dissemination of the results to both a scientific audience and industry members through oral presentation and manuscript redaction.


The student will work a varied number of hours per week, depending on the wine production needs and chemical analysis needs throughout the project. The student can expect to learn the following skills during his/her research study in Watrelot’s lab:


• Team work

• Research philosophy and development

• Proper food safety protocols for winemaking

• Time management

• Communication

• Analytical chemistry

•      Analytical instruments including high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC-DAD/FLD/RID) and gas chromatography

• Redaction of articles


If you are interested in this graduate research position for spring 2022 to spring 2024, please email Dr. Aude Watrelot at with your resume and cover letter and any additional questions you have.


Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until suitable candidate is identified.