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Phenolic compounds analysis:

List of analysis offered by Watrelot's lab and price per sample, excluding the ISU external rate:

  • Preparation of juice from fruits: $3.57
  • Wine preparation for chemical analysis (excluding tannin extraction): $2.04
  • Wine color by spectrophotometry: $8.70
  • Tannin content by spectrophotometry: $15.30
  • Total phenolic content, tannin content, free anthocyanins, pigmented tannins by spectrophotometry: $35
  • Monomeric polyphenols (anthocyanins, flavanols, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids) by HPLC: $35
  • Tannin activity, tannin content and pigmented tannins by HPLC: $28
  • Tannin structure and size by HPLC (excluding tannin extraction): $45

The samples must be shipped either fresh or frozen. For analysis on berries, a representative sample of 100 berries must be provided. For juice, wine analysis, a minimum of 20 mL must be provided for each sample.

Current Projects

microbio workshop

  • Winery consulting and development of Extension programs.

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  • Wine Wednesday workshops for Wine consumers with winemakers and Extension staff.
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  • Articles in the section "Let's focus on .... with Dr. Watrelot" in the newsletters of the MGWII:
    • on a grape variety
    • on a research/winemaking topic


Check out this published article on the "Iowa wine industry and its educational needs" article in Journal of Extension (2022): 10.34068/joe.60.01.14

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