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Working with robot carP3 Program Introducing New Technology, Teamwork to the Classroom

Since its start in 2015, Iowa State University’s Predictive Plant Phenomics (P3) graduate program has focused on changing the narrative surrounding plant biology to increase crop productivity and meet industry demands for food and fuel. This semester, the program is kicking off a new initiative to...



Corn stalk light bulbConnecting silos: Iowa State University scientists call for unconventional collaboration in agriculture

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University scientists have issued a call to action for researchers in a wide range of disciplines to turn their attention to some of the most pressing challenges facing agriculture. The unorthodox approach to collaboration could spark innovative new approaches to how farmers produce commodities and interact with the environment.






Corn stalksResearchers use crowdsourcing to speed up data analysis in corn plants • News Service • Iowa State University

Teaching a machine to finish a complex task can save humans a lot of time, effort and money. But first, the machine has to learn how, and that comes with plenty of its own challenges.