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We develop computational systems and tools that enable researchers to leverage plant genetics and genomics information to better understand basic biology and effect crop improvement. Group members are specifically interested in functional prediction for genes, predictive phenomics, and how gene and chromosome architecture regulate cellular processes. Although work by group members is not specifically limited to maize, it is by far our favorite model system.


P3 Program Introducing New Technology, Teamwork to the Classroom

Plant Sensors Bringing Class Concepts to Life

By Caitlin Ware, Office of the Vice President for Research

Since its start in 2015, Iowa State University’s Predictive Plant Phenomics (P3) graduate program has focused on changing the narrative surrounding plant biology to increase crop productivity and meet industry demands for food and fuel. This semester, the program is kicking off a new initiative to bring what has been illustrated through textbooks and lectures to life, giving students the ability to track real-time data with the help of sensors designed to predict plant growth and productivity.

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