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Site and Software Release Disclaimer:
Unfortunately, many links to excellent demos originally posted at this site are now broken and had to be removed. Below are annoted pointers to still-available demonstration software that visitors might find useful and/or of historical interest. All software linked below is unsupported and provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, unless otherwise specified by the software developer.

Site Overview

Roughly defined, Agent-based Computational Economics (ACE) is the computational modeling of economic processes (including whole economies) as open-ended dynamic systems of interacting agents. ACE researchers generally conduct their studies in the context of Computational Laboratories (CLs). A CL is a software framework together with a library of software components that permits the plug-and-play development and study of a family of computational models.

To date, however, there does not seem to have been any systematic attempt to encourage the web-publication of these CLs at a centralized accessible site for general ACE research and teaching purposes.

The CLs and demonstration software linked at this site cover ACE applications as well as general Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) and Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) applications of possible interest to ACE researchers. The ultimate goal of this site is to facilitate the understanding of the ACE methodology by permitting people to obtain hands-on experience running simple ACE/ABM/CAS experiments under different parameter settings with no original programming required and with rapid visual feedback of findings. Not all of the CLs and demos listed below currently possess these desired attributes, but they constitute a useful start towards the goal.

ACE Comp Labs and Demos

General ABM/CAS Comp Labs and Demos

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