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Television and Radio

2023 Appearance on Scripps News about factors underlying women's increasing alcohol consumption, November 14. 




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2023 Appearance on EXCUSE ME DOCTOR?! with Dr. Mel podcast, featuring my book On the Rocks: Straight Talk About Women and Drinking. March 6.



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2023 Appearance on Dr. Phil, featuring my book On the Rocks: Straight Talk About Women and Drinking. February 10.




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2022 Interviewed about my book On the Rocks: Straight Talk About Women and Drinking on WHO Channel 13 News, Des Moines, Iowa, September 13.



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2021 Interviewed about research on women and alcohol use during the pandemic. KCCI, April 12.




Talk of Iowa

2019 Interviewed about women and alcohol use (with Drs. Gloria Jones-Johnson and Cassandra Dorius) on Talk of Iowa, September 4.






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2018 Interviewed about the effect of parental divorce on receiving a graduate degree, KCCI, September 4.





2017 Interviewed about Co-Sleeping on WHO Channel 13 4:00 News, Monday, April 17.





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2017 Interviewed about Co-Sleeping news story featured on Iowa State University's main webpage.




Women and Alcohol


Families and Demographics

  • 2021 Interviewed for “What are ‘daddy issues’ and how they can be harmful in today’s society,” The Iowa State Daily.
  • 2021 Interviewed for “The ugly truths behind technology,” ISU Trend Online.
  • 2021 Interviewed for “Births in Iowa drop to lowest level in over 100 years.” Hawkeye Report, Cedar Rapids Gazette and April 23.
  • 2021 Interviewed for “Pandemic’s baby bust part of long-term decline in birth rates.” Business Record. March 15.
  • 2020 Featured in “Stand up and be counted for research’s sake.” Link: Connecting LAS Alumni and Friends, Vol. 9, Issue 2.
  • 2019 Research on children of divorce and college degrees featured on CBS affiliates, August 28. 
  • 2019 Interviewed for “These Iowans met on Farmers Only. But finding love in rural America is harder than a swipe,” by Courtney Crowder, Des Moines Register, February 27.
  • 2018 Interviewed about research on children of divorce and college degrees. on Brigham Young University Radio Top of Mind with Julie Rose, October 9.
  • 2018 Research the focus of “Study: Children of divorce less likely to earn degree.” Inside Higher Ed, August 29.
  • 2018 Research the focus of “Kids of divorce less likely to earn college degrees.” Futurity, August 29.
  • 2018 Interviewed on the effect of parental divorce on receiving a graduate degree, KCCI, September 4.
  • 2018 Interviewed for "‘If this isn’t affecting you, it might be affecting a friend,’ a new study found that children of divorce are less likely to receive a graduate degree," Iowa State Daily, September 9.
  • 2016 Interviewed for "Beyond Iowa Nice: Family Leave and Bridging the Wage Gap," Talk of Iowa, July, 15.
  • 2016 Interviewed for, "My month-long experiment in making new mom-friends in Des Moines." by Heather Torpy, Des Moines Register, March 3.
  • 2016 Interviewed for, "Married for 80 Years..." by Courtney Crowder, Des Moines Register, February 14.
  • 2015 Interviewed for "'Prince farming' brings new twist to reality TV." Daily Times Herald, March 17.
  • 2015 Interviewed for story on interracial marriage. Iowa State Daily, February 26.  
  • 2013 Interviewed about research for “New dads feel sexier, study suggests." MSN Living, April 26.
  • 2013 Research subject of “Men feel more attractive right after their baby is born (study).” Huffington Post. April 4.
  • 2013 Research subject of “New dads sexy and they know it. Study finds men feel more attractive after birth of child,", April 7.
  • 2013 Interviewed for, "Amid recession, divorce rate is lowest since 1968." Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, September 3.
  • 2013 Interviewed on Radio Iowa about declining divorce rates, September 3.
  • 2013 Interviewed for “One on One: ISU student among rising number of single mothers.” Ames Tribune, June 16.
  • 2013 Interviewed for “Economic uncertainty: Couples wait before chasing dream of kids.” Omaha Herald, February 7.
  • 2012 Invited Op-Ed. “Iowa not immune to family trends in U.S.” Des Moines Register, November 25.
  • 2012 Quoted in “Raising kids alone.” Des Moines Register, November 18.
  • 2012 Interviewed about the “The gray divorce revolution” for WHO 1040 Radio.
  • 2011 Quoted in, “’Kardashian marriages’ rare but aren’t unheard of in Iowa.” Des Moines Register, November 8.
  • 2011 Quoted in, “Unmarried heterosexual couples up in Iowa and U.S.” Des Moines Register, August 24.
  • 2010 Interviewed and featured in “Blending Like the Brady Bunch? Let’s not go too far,” by Penelope Green The New York Times, November 17.
  • 2010 Interviewed by Richard Korman for “What I Could Tell Tiger About Divorce,” appeared in Miller-McCune, August 29.
  • 2010 Interviewed by Angie Schendt for article about stepfamilies for Woodmen Living (Summer).
  • 2010 Interviewed by Dennie Hughes about paternity for RelationtipsUSA Weekend, January 8.
  • 2010 Quoted in story about increased number of marriages in Iowa in Cedar Rapids Gazette.
  • 2009 Interviewed by Katelyn McClintock for Iowa State Daily for story about romance and Valentine’s Day (February).
  • 2008 Research the subject of “Study challenges link between obesity and food.” Associated Press and Des Moines Register, January 22.
  • 2007 Interviewed for article on having children in stepfamilies appeared in Fit Pregnancy magazine December/January issue).
  • 2007 Interviewed about “Fast food dads” for Radio Iowa and 1430 KASI (August).
  • 2007 Interviewed for article on stepmothers for the Kansas City Star (April)
  • 2007 Interviewed on Talk of Iowa about research on women and family finance (May)
  • 2007 Interviewed on Talk of Iowa about book, Brave New Stepfamilies: Diverse Paths Toward Stepfamily Living (January)
  • 2005 Findings from Stewart (2005b) appeared as a brief in Health magazine (December).
  • 2004 Interviewed by Sarah Childress from Newsweek magazine on August 19 about my research on African American nonresident fathers.
  • 2004 Quoted in the article, “Divorces in Iowa reach a 32-year low,” which appeared in The Ames Tribune (September 17).
  • 2004 My research was the subject of the article, “Black dads keep family ties,” Des Moines Register, July 12.
  • 2004 My research was profiled in an article entitled, “Away from home,” Around LAS, Vol. 5, No. 12 (February 23).
  • 2004 Guest on The Rip Daniels Show (JZD Radio) in Alabama to discuss the topic of African American nonresident fathers.
  • 2003 Findings from Stewart, Manning, and Smock (2003) included as a “Quick Take” item in the July issue of Infants to Adolescents: Research Update 4 (4).
  • 2003 Quoted in the Reuters article “Kids hamper mom’s—but not dads’ new relationship,” Reuters, February 24.
  • 2003 Quoted in the article, “Do kids help single dads find mates?” Richmond Times Dispatch, April 1.
  • 2002 Quotes on the subject of noncustodial fathers appeared in the article, “More than child’s play,” by Marilyn Gardner, June 19, Christian Science Monitor.
  • 2001 Research from Manning, Stewart, and Smock (2003) reprinted in The Washington Post (June 10) and on (June 12) and discussed on several radio programs, including nationally syndicated Dr. Laura Schlessinger (June 12).
  • 2001 Quoted in three articles about trends in American family life in American Demographics:Forecast magazine, “A multicultural family affair,” and “Alternative family lifestyles” (Jun 18, Vol. 2, No. 9) and “The next big singles market” (August 20, Vol 21, No. 13).
  • 2001 On-air interview with Doug Parish, WRVA Radio (1140 am), Richmond, VA, about trends in cohabitation, May 16.
  • 2001 On-air interview with Doug Parish, WRVA Radio (1140 am), Richmond, VA, about trends in single fatherhood, May 21.