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Quark-Hadron phase transition

Quark-Hadron phase transition in dense QCD : Some of the early analysis of emergent phenomena in dense QCD closely followed the developments in condensed matter physics including superfluidity and superconductivity. However, more contemporary techniques involving topological considerations beyond the Ginzburg-Landau paradigm have not been put to use in its study. A direction of my research is focused on revisiting the QCD phase diagram in search of possible new phase transitions beyond the Ginzburg-Landau paradigm involving spontaneous breaking of global symmetries by local order parameters. In fact in a recent paper I and my collaborators uncovered evidence of a new phase transition between quark matter and nuclear matter detectable only using non-local operators like the color Aharonov-Bohm phase around superfluid vortices. This work has opened up several directions of inquiry, casting new light on the question of Higgs-confinement complementarity. Our findings also point towards newer criterion of phase transitions beyond Ganzburg-Landau paradigm as well as topological order in gapped systems.