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Cold Dense QCD and Nuclear Astrophysics

I am interested in the phase diagram of cold dense QCD and its application to neutron stars. The core of a neutron star can host a soup of nucleons (known as nuclear matter) or quarks (known as quark matter). The properties of the matter inside the core affects the equation of state of neutron star which in turn decides the mass and radius of the star as well as dictates the gravitational waves that emerges from merging neutron stars. Our current understanding of nuclear equation of state is incomplete and new ideas are needed in order to explain all the observed data. Interestingly, a model of nuclear matter, known as quarkyonic matter can help explain some of the essential features of the mass-radius curves of neutron stars. Recently I wrote a paper with my student Lars Sivertsen on the mass radius relations of a quarkyonic neutron star. I have also worked on finite temperature properties of quarkyonic matter. With Larry McLerran and KieSang Jeong, I wrote a paper in 2019, in which we constructed the first dynamical model for quarkyonic matter.