Gina Nichols

2018-2021 PhD student
co-advised with Matt Liebman


Nichols V, Ordóñez A, Wright E, Castellano M, Liebman M, Hatfield J, Helmers M, Archontoulis SV, 2019. Maize root distributions strongly associated with water tables in Iowa, USA. Plant Soil, 444: 225-238.

Pasley H, Nichols V, Castellano M, Helmers M, Baum M, Kladivko E, Archontoulis S, 2021. Rotating Maize Reduces the Risk and Rate of Nitrate Leaching. Environmental Research Letters, (accepted).

Martinez-Feria R, Nichols V, Basso B, Archontoulis S, 2019. Can multi-strategy management stabilize nitrate leaching under increasing rainfall? Environmental Research Letters 14, 124079.

Archontoulis SV, Castellano MJ, Licht MA, Nichols V, Baum M, Huber I, Martinez-Feria R, Puntel L, Ordónez RA, Iqbal J, Wright EE, Dietzel RN, Helmers M, Vanloocke A, Liebman M, Hatfield JL, Herzmann D, Cordova SC, Edmonds P, Togliatti K, Kessler A, Danalatos G, Pasley H, Pederson C, Lamkey KR, 2020. Predicting Crop Yields and Soil-Plant Nitrogen Dynamics in the US Corn Belt. Crop Science, 60: 721–738.