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Raziel Ordonez

2017-2020 postdoc
co-advised with Mike Castellano

More Information

Ordonez R, Castellano M, Danalatos GN, Wright E, Hatfield J, Burras L, Archontoulis S, 2021. Insufficient and excessive N fertilizer input reduces maize root mass across soil types. Field Crops Research, 108142.     

Ordonez R, Archontoulis SV, Martinez-Feria R, Hatfield J, Wright E, Castellano M, 2020. Root to shoot and carbon to nitrogen ratios of maize and soybean crops in the US Midwest. European J of Agronomy 120, 126­–130.

Ordonez R, Castellano M, Hatfield J, Licht M, Wright E, Archontoulis SV, 2018. A solution for sampling position errors in maize and soybean root mass and length estimates. European J of Agronomy 96: 156–162. 

Ordonez R, Castellano M, Hatfield J, Helmers M, Licht M, Liebman M, Dietzel R, Martinez-Feria R, Iqbal J, Puntel L, Cordova C, Togliatti K, Wright E, Archontoulis SV, 2018. Corn and soybean root front velocity and maximum depth in Iowa, USA. Field Crops Research 215: 122–131.   

Nichols V, Ordóñez A, Wright E, Castellano M, Liebman M, Hatfield J, Helmers M, Archontoulis SV, 2019. Maize root distributions strongly associated with water tables in Iowa, USA. Plant Soil, 444: 225-238.

Ebrahimi-Mollabashi E, Huth NI, Holzwoth DP, Ordonez RS, Hatfield JL, Huber I, Castellano MJ, Archontoulis SV, 2019. Enhancing APSIM to simulate excessive moisture effects on root growth. Field Crops Research 236: 58–67.

Martinez-Feria R, Licht MA, Ordonez RA, Hatfeld JL, Coulter JA, Archontoulis SV, 2019. Evaluating maize and soybean grain dry-down in the field with predictive algorithms and genotype-by-environment analysis. Nature Scientific Reports 9:7167. 

Archontoulis SV, Castellano MJ, Licht MA, Nichols V, Baum M, Huber I, Martinez-Feria R, Puntel L, Ordónez RA, Iqbal J, Wright EE, Dietzel RN, Helmers M, Vanloocke A, Liebman M, Hatfield JL, Herzmann D, Cordova SC, Edmonds P, Togliatti K, Kessler A, Danalatos G, Pasley H, Pederson C, Lamkey KR, 2020. Predicting Crop Yields and Soil-Plant Nitrogen Dynamics in the US Corn Belt. Crop Science, 60: 721–738.

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