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Rafael Martinez-Feria

2016-2019, PhD student

More Information

Martinez-Feria R, Dietzel R, Liebman M, Helmers M, Archontoulis SV, 2016. Rye cover crop effects on maize: A systems analysis. Field Crops Research 196: 145–159.

Martinez-Feria R; Castellano M; Dietzel R; Helmers M; Liebman M; Huber I; Archontoulis SV, 2018. Linking crop- and soil-based approaches to evaluate system nitrogen-use efficiency and tradeoffs. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 256: 131–143.

Martinez-Feria R, Licht MA, Ordonez RA, Hatfeld JL, Coulter JA, Archontoulis SV, 2019. Evaluating maize and soybean grain dry-down in the field with predictive algorithms and genotype-by-environment analysis. Nature Scientific Reports 9:7167. 

Martinez-Feria R, Nichols V, Basso B, Archontoulis S, 2019. Can multi-strategy management stabilize nitrate leaching under increasing rainfall? Environmental Research Letters 14, 124079.  

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