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Research Interests

Stochastic processes with long-range dependence, Tempered fractional processes, Functional limit theorems, Empirical processes, Functional time series, Asymptotic theory for parametric and nonparametric regression models, Fractional calculus.

Working Papers

  1. Tempered ARTIMA-GARCH processes and their application to solar are data (joint with Jinu Susan Kabalaa, Krzysztof Burnecki)
  2. HP and BHP Filters for stochastic processes with long-range dependence (joint with Eva Biswas)
  3. Data-driven parameter selection for tempered long-range dependence (joint with Kris De Brabanter)
  4. Inference for nearly nonstationary processes under semi-long memory with infinite variance

Recent Talks

  1. Stochastic processes with semi-long range dependence (slides)
  2. Nonparametric Regression Under Semi-Long Range Dependence (slides)
  3. What is Fractional Calculus? (slides)

Journal papers and preprints

  1. Kabala, J., Sabzikar, F. (2020), Statistical inference for ARTFIMA time series with stable innovations, Under review.
  2. De Brabanter, K., Sabzikar, F. (2021), Asymptotic theory for regression models with fractional local to unity root errors, Metrika, link 
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