In Memoriam: Vivian Flores

During my years in academia, I’ve had the pleasure of advising some very smart, talented and enthusiastic students. One of these was Vivian Flores. Vivian was assigned as my academic advisee in the Fall of 2019, when she started at Iowa State. Her academic goals were to obtain her B.S. degree in Animal Science and then apply to Veterinary Medical school, goals that she was well on her way to accomplishing. Vivian’s young life was tragically cut short on June 2, 2022. She has been described by family and friends as “vivacious,” a description that fits her personality perfectly. Her upbeat and outgoing personality would light up my office (or Webex room) every time we met. She was always kind, polite, thoughtful and thankful. She was also a very studious, conscientious and disciplined student. Her potential was limitless. I often tell my advisees when they leave: once my advisee, always my advisee. This definitely applies to Vivian. She has moved on, but she will not be forgotten.

June 5, 2022