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Our Theoretical Condensed Matter Research Group is based at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University, and embedded in the lively condensed matter research environment of Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory

We investigate electronic properties of strongly correlated quantum materials with a focus on non-equilibrium dynamics. We employ a combination of analytical and numerical techniques from field-theory and statistical mechanics, and also develop NISQ quantum computing algorithms for many-body models. Our research is often performed in collaboration with experimental colleagues.


Research projects

Publications & Preprints


12. Tao Jiang, Peter P. Orth, Liang Luo, Lin-Lin Wang, Feng Zhang, Cai-Zhuang Wang, Jin Zhao, Kai-Ming Ho, Jigang Wang, Yong-Xin Yao
Ab-initio Simulations of Coherent Phonon-Induced Pumping of Carriers in ZrTe5
arXiv:2304.08449 (2023).

11. João C. Getelina, Zekun Zhuang, Premala Chandra, Piers Coleman, Peter P. Orth, S. L. Sondhi
Quantum order by disorder in Frustrated Spin Nanotubes
arXiv:2303.04690 (2023).

10. S. X. M. Riberolles, Tyler J. Slade, Tianxiong Han, Bing Li, D. L. Abernathy, P. C. Canfield, B. G. Ueland, P. P. Orth, Liqin Ke, R. J. McQueeney
Chiral and flat-band magnetic cluster excitations in a ferromagnetic kagome metal
arXiv:2302.04846 (2023).

9. Yihua Qiang, Victor L. Quito, Thaís V. Trevisan, Peter P. Orth
Probing Majorana wavefunctions in Kitaev honeycomb spin liquids with second-order two-dimensional spectroscopy
arXiv:2301.11243 (2023).

8. Erik J. Gustafson, Andy C. Y. Li, Abid Khan, Joonho Kim, Doga Murat Kurkcuoglu, M. Sohaib Alam, Peter P. Orth, Armin Rahmani, Thomas Iadecola
Preparing quantum many-body scars on a quantum computer
arXiv:2301.08226 (2023).

7. Klée Pollock, Peter P. Orth, Thomas Iadecola
Variational Microcanonical Estimator
arXiv:2301.04129 (2023).

6. João C. Getelina, Niladri Gomes, Thomas Iadecola, Peter P. Orth, Yong-Xin Yao
Adaptive variational quantum minimally entangled typical thermal states for finite temperature simulations
arXiv:2301.02592 (2023).

5. Ana-Marija Nedić, Morten H. Christensen, Y. Lee, Bing Li, Benjamin G. Ueland, Rafael M. Fernandes, Robert J. McQueeney, Liqin Ke, Peter P. Orth
Competing magnetic fluctuations and orders in a multiorbital model of doped SrCo2As2
arXiv:2212.07511 (2022).

4. Ana-Marija Nedić, Victor L. Quito, Yuriy Sizyuk, Peter P. Orth
Three-state Potts nematic order in stacked frustrated spin models with SO(3) symmetry
arXiv:2210.04900 (2022).

3. M. Sohaib Alam, Noah F. Berthusen, Peter P. Orth
Quantum Logic Gate Synthesis as a Markov Decision Process
arXiv:1912.12002v2 (2022).

2. Y. Lee, R. Skomski, X. Wang, P. P. Orth, A. K. Pathak, B. N. Harmon, R. J. McQueeney, Liqin Ke
Interplay between magnetism and band topology in Kagome magnets RMn6Sn6
arXiv:2201.11265 (2022). 

1. Andy C. Y. Li, M. Sohaib Alam, Thomas Iadecola, Ammar Jahin, Doga Murat Kurkcuoglu, Richard Li, Peter P. Orth, A. Barış Özgüler, Gabriel N. Perdue, Norm M. Tubman
Benchmarking variational quantum eigensolvers for the square-octagon-lattice Kitaev model
arXiv:2108.13375 (2021).


64. Farhan Islam, Thaís V. Trevisan, Thomas Heitmann, Santanu Pakhira, Simon X. M. Riberolles, N. S. Sangeetha, David C. Johnston, Peter P. Orth, David Vaknin
Frustrated Magnetic Cycloidal Structure and Emergent Potts Nematicity in CaMn2P2
Phys. Rev. B 107, 054425 (2023).

63. Benjamin McDonough, Andrea Mari, Nathan Shammah, Nathaniel T. Stemen, Misty Wahl, William J. Zeng, Peter P. Orth
Automated quantum error mitigation based on probabilistic error reduction
2022 IEEE/ACM Third International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software (QCS), Dallas, TX, USA, 2022, pp. 83-93.
See also: arXiv:2210.08611 (2022). 

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