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Thea Gessler

Thea Gessler

  • PhD Candidate
I am a PhD student in the Interdepartmenal Genetics and Genomics program. I am interested in the molecular basis of phenotypic plasticity in turtles, including its regulation, origin, and evolution.

More Information

2. Gessler TB, Wu Z, Valenzuela N. 2023. Transcriptomic thermal plasticity underlying gonadal development in a turtle with ZZ/ZW sex chromosomes despite canalized genotypic sex determination. Ecology and Evolution 13, e9854.

1. Lee LS, Navarro-Domínguez BM, Wu Z, Montiel EE, Badenhorst D, Bista B, Gessler TB, and Valenzuela N. 2020. Karyotypic evolution of sauropsid vertebrates illuminated by optical and physical mapping of the painted turtle and slider turtle genomes. Genes, 11, 928, doi:10.3390/genes11080928.