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Nicholas Topping

Nicholas Topping

  • PhD Graduate Student
I am a PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Interdepartamental Graduate program. I am interested in sex determination in turtles and other reptiles, particularly the effects of climate change in reproductive females.

More Information

3. Topping NE and Valenzuela N. 2023. Thermal response of circulating estrogens in an Emydid turtle, Chrysemys picta, and the challenges of climate change. Diversity 15, 428.

2. Mizoguchi1 B, Topping NE, Lavin AM and Valenzuela N. 2022. Cadmium ecotoxic effects on embryonic Dmrt1 and aromatase expression in Chrysemys picta turtles may implicate changes in DNA methylation. Genes. 13, 1318.

1. Topping NE and Valenzuela N. 2021. Turtle nest-site choice, anthropogenic challenges, and evolutionary potential for adaptation. Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution 9: 808621.