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LingSze Lee

Dr. LingSze Lee

  • Former Graduate Student
I completed my PhD in 2020 in the Interdepartmenal Genetics and Genomics program. For my Master's degree I studied human chromosome sequence variation. My PhD dissertation included cytogenetics studies on the evolution of sex chromosomes and genome organization in turtles.

More Information

4. Lee LS, Navarro-Domínguez BM, Wu Z, Montiel EE, Badenhorst D, Bista B, Gessler TB, and Valenzuela N. 2020. Karyotypic evolution of sauropsid vertebrates illuminated by optical and physical mapping of the painted turtle and slider turtle genomes. Genes, 11, 928, doi:10.3390/genes11080928.

3. Lee LS, Montiel EE, and Valenzuela N. 2019. Discovery of putative XX/XY male heterogamety in Emydura subglobosa turtles exposes a novel trajectory of sex chromosome evolution in Emydura. Cytogenetic and Genome Research 158:160–169.

2. Lee LS, EE Montiel, BM Navarro-Domínguez, and N Valenzuela. 2019. Chromosomal rearrangements during turtle evolution altered the synteny of genes involved in vertebrate sex determination Cytogenetic and Genome Research  157:77-88. 

1. Montiel EE, D Badenhorst, LS Lee, R Literman, V Trifonov, and N Valenzuela. 2016. Cytogenetic insights into the evolution of chromosomes and sex determination reveal striking homology of turtle sex chromosomes to amphibian autosomes. Cytogenetic and Genome Research 148:292-304.