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Katherine L. O'Shaughnessy

Katherine L. O'Shaughnessy

  • Former Undergraduate Student
I was a summer intern with the ITA program at the Valenzuela Lab and the REU in Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics at ISU in 2009. I worked on developmental biology and expression profiling of genes involved in sex determination in turtles. I am now a Ph.D. student at the University of Florida where I am studying vetebrate EvoDevo.

More Information

O’Shaughnessy K, Valenzuela, N, Neuwald, N, Literman, R, Manternach, T, Harris, A. 2010. The genomics of temperature dependent sex determination in Chrysemys picta. Experimental Biology FASEB Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA. Poster & Invited oral presentation - Winner of NSF travel grant for undergraduates - Winner of "ASBMB's Best Poster Theme" in the category of Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, and Signal Transduction.

O'Shaughnessy K, Valenzuela, N, Neuwald, J, Literman, R, Manternach, T, Harris, A. 2010. The Genetic mechanism of temperature-dependent sex determination in the painted turtle. Capital University Research Symposium, Columbus, OH. Winner of Capital University's endowed "Bruning Award" for excellence in research.