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Basanta Bista

Basanta Bista

  • PhD Candidate
I am a PhD student in the Interdepartmenal Genetics and Genomics program. I am working on the differential evolutionary dynamics of sex chromosomes and autosomes in turtles.

More Information

4. Bista B, Wu Z, Literman R, and Valenzuela N. 2021. Thermosensitive sex chromosome dosage compensation in ZZ/ZW softshell turtles, Apalone spinifera. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. In press. DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2020.0101

3. Lee LS, Navarro-Domínguez BM, Wu Z, Montiel EE, Badenhorst D, Bista B, Gessler TB, and Valenzuela N. 2020. Karyotypic evolution of sauropsid vertebrates illuminated by optical and physical mapping of the painted turtle and slider turtle genomes. Genes, 11, 928, doi:10.3390/genes11080928.

2. Bista B. and Valenzuela N2020. Turtle insights into the evolution of the reptilian karyotype and the genomic architecture of sex determination. Genes 11 (4): 416. DOI 10.3390/genes11040416. 

1. Literman R, Burrett A, Bista B, and Valenzuela N. 2018. Putative independent evolutionary reversals from genotypic to temperature-dependent sex determination are associated with accelerated evolution of sex-determining genes in turtles. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 86:11–26.