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Andrea R. LeClere

Andrea R. LeClere

  • Former Undergraduate Student
I graduated from the undergraduate Genetics program at ISU. For my honors thesis I worked during 2004-2005 on a project aimed to compare the expression profiles of sex genes (genes involved in sex differentiation) between turtles with temperature-dependent sex determination (Chrysemys picta) and turtles with genotypic sex determination (Apalone mutica) incubated under identical conditions. We were searching for key differences to understand the mechanics of both sex determining systems.

I later pursued my PhD in the Molecular, Cellular and Structural Biology program at the University of Minnesota.

More Information

Valenzuela, N., LeClere A.R, and Shikano T. 2006. Comparative expression of steroidogenic factor 1 in Chrysemys picta and Apalone mutica turtles with environmental and genotypic sex determination. Evolution and Development 8 (5): 424-432.

LeClere A.R. and N. Valenzuela.2005. Comparative gene expression of multiple sex-determining genes in TSD and GSD turtles. Joint Meeting of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and the Herpetologists' League, Tampa, Florida.