Miss Ruttanachira Ruttanaprasert

Miss Ruttanachira Ruttanaprasert

  • Visiting scientist
My name is Ruttanachira Ruttanaprasert and my nickname is Ness. My hometown is Khowang, Yasothon province of Thailand. I am a PhD student in Dr. Sanun Jogloy’s project. I have received a Golden Jubilee Ph.D. scholarship, jointly funded by Khon Kaen University and the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), since 2008. They gave me an opportunity to come to Iowa State University (ISU) for 10 months to have experience to conduct experiment in a foreign country. I studied Agronomy for my B.S. degree at Khon Khaen University (KKU). I am in the 7th year of Ph. D. program majoring in Plant Breeding (Agronomy) at KKU.

My research project focuses on studying the effect of temperature and day length during dry period and also water regimes on growth and yields of Jerusalem artichoke genotypes. My research includes three experiments.

The first experiment was conducted in pots for two years investigating the influence of planting date on growth and development of three Jerusalem artichoke genotypes. Two papers were published in SABRAO Journal and International Journal of Plant Production (IJPP).

My second field experiment was to identify the drought-tolerant clones of Jerusalem artichoke using line- source sprinkler system. One paper was published about this study in Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry (TJAF).

My third experiment included five Jerusalem artichoke genotypes selected from the drought screening experiment. These genotypes were studied in details for their responses to drought under different water regimes. This experiment was conducted in pot.

I also carried out part of my research at ISU under the guidance of Dr. Ramesh S. Kanwar and Dr. Mark Gleason. I studied about the effect of gibberellic acid on tuber dormancy of Jerusalem artichoke under environmentally controlled temperature and water conditions in a greenhouse. I found that 1% dilution of gibberellic acid resulted in the best germination rate of Jerusalem artichoke tubers. The result from this experiment may be useful for the farmer and breeding program to induce the germination of Jerusalem artichoke.


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  • 2008 - B.S., Agronomy - Khon Khaen University, Thailand

Major: Plant breeding progarm (Agronomy)


Dr. Sanun Jogloy

Dr. Rameshwar S. Kanwar

Dr. Mark Gleason