Miss Qian Liu

Miss Qian Liu

  • Graduate Assistant-Research
I come from Harbin, China. I received my Bachelor Degree in Plant Pathology at Shenyang Agricultural University in 2010. And now, I am a Master student working on Cucurbit Bacterial wilt in Dr. Gleason’s lab.

My research projects are impact of plant age on bacterial wilt development, and genetic basis of host specificity. For my plant age experiment, I have got a result that plant age affects susceptibility to pathogen of bacterial wilt, Erwinia tracheiphila, in muskmelon. In my current work, I focus on spatial spread and number of bacteria in different points of stem at different times after inoculation.

For the other experiment of genetic basis of host specificity, I will test some candidate genes in host specificity by generating derivatives, which lack these genes by generating nonpolar deletion mutants, and overexpression constructs.

I love this entirely new life in Iowa State University very much. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, yoga and travelling. My plan for the future is to be a plant disease diagnostician.

Major: Plant Pathology


Contact Info

328 Bessey Hall
2200 Osborn Dr.


  • 2010-B.S.Plant Pathology-Shenyang Agricultural University-Shenyang, China