Student Theses and Dissertations

Although my research lab and program centers on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology (SoTLP), I have mentored Iowa State graduate students through master's theses and dissertations on the following non-SoTLP topics. I am open to considering admitting students into my lab who are interested in these areas of research:

Select Dissertations

Buduris, A. (Dissertation proposed, May, 2018; Dissertation defended, May, 2019). Attachment style and emotion dysregulation as serial mediators of betrayal trauma experiences and level of satisfaction in romantic relationships. Iowa State University. First professional position: Staff Psychologist, University of Oregon.

Kaiser, D. (Dissertation proposed, October, 2017; Dissertation defended, May, 2019). The mediational role of affect regulation on the relation between attachment and alcohol use in college students. Iowa State University. First professional position: Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Van Pay (Florer), K. (Dissertation proposed, August, 2016; Dissertation defended, April, 2018). Intent to engage in therapeutic lifestyle changes: Impact of an intervention, self-efficacy, and locus of control. Iowa State University. First professional position: Staff Psychologist, Iowa State University.

Select Master's Theses

Buduris, A. (Thesis proposed, May, 2016; Thesis defended, March, 2017). Considering the Role of Relationship-Contingent Self-Esteem: Attachment Style, Conflict Behaviors, and Relationship Satisfaction. Iowa State University.

Kaiser, D. (Thesis [ME] defended, April, 2015). The moderating effect of perceived therapist-client social class similarity on therapist social class bias and estimated ability to form rapport in psychotherapy. Iowa State University.

Florer, K. (Thesis proposed, June, 2014; Thesis defended, April, 2015). Self-efficacy for therapy tasks as a mediator of mental health stigma and prospective clients’ intent to “no-show" for a mental health counseling appointment. Iowa State University.