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Stephanie Enloe

Stephanie Enloe

  • Alumni
  • PhD Student at Cornell University
  • Former MS Research Assistant, graduated 2014 (GPSA)
Research: Multi-stakeholder evaluation of collective Boone River Watershed water quality initiatives to guide adaptive management.

Funding: McKnight Foundation and Iowa Soybean Association. Graduation Date: Spring 2014.

Co-advisor: Dr. Lisa Schulte-Moore

Background: I received my B.A. in International Studies from the University of Iowa; my regional emphasis was in Africa and my thematic area was in natural resources and the environment. My interest in sustainable agriculture stems from my work with the University of Iowa Student Garden and Food not Lawns, as well as my work experiences on various Iowa farms.

Research Interests: I am interested in the intersection between environmental conservation and human needs, particularly as pertains to the creation of multifunctional agricultural landscapes. My research will focus on water quality within the Boone River watershed and how to mobilize stakeholders to protect water resources. I will work with farmers to understand what factors influence their decision to adopt conservation techniques and how to overcome barriers to implementation of conservation practices.

Personal Interests: My hobbies include biking, camping, gardening/farming, yoga, reading, and cooking. Few things are more satisfying to me than preparing a huge meal for a group of friends. I also enjoy traveling, particularly in East Africa I have been able to travel there many times and lived in Tanzania for 18 months following my undergraduate work.