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Drake Larsen

Drake Larsen

  • Alumni
  • Co-Owner and Operator, Three Ridges Ecological Farm
  • Former Graduate Research Assistant; graduated 2011 (GPSA)
Background: My previous research experience has focused on the breeding ecology of Arctic-nesting birds. I have spent more than 1000 days conducting field work in remote locations in the Hudson Bay lowlands and Canada’s boreal forest studying far-migrating populations of waterfowl and passerines.

Research Interests: Previous research experiences led me to a keen interest in coupled human and natural systems, specifically agricultural ecosystems. My current research investigates: 1) the usefulness of the concept of ecosystem services for landscape management decision-making and 2) the difficulties in communicating about these nebulous, multiscalar, ecosystem outputs upon which we are critically dependent. My thesis work takes a participatory approach to exploring the future of ecosystem service provisioning from Iowa’s agricultural landscape, using the tools of the Delphi Survey Methodology and photorealistic landscape modeling.

Career Goals: I want to forward the use systems thinking in agricultural land management. As a career ambition I see myself as a consultant to land owners and managers that wish to apply the ideas of ecoagriculture to their land management plans. Throughout my career I hope to continue to communicate the importance of strategic land management to the public.

Personal Interests: Rain, snow, sleet, or hail – no matter – I will always opt to be outside. My hobbies include back-packing, kayaking, camping, and generally wandering outside. I am an active hunter and enjoy every opportunity to be afield, either hunting or training my Labrador retriever. I am interested in “slow” and wholesome foods and spend many hours in the kitchen preparing delectable meals from scratch.

Contact Info

339 Science II


  • M.S., Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University, 2011