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Collecting aquatic insects around Ames

Despite the prevalence of corn- and soybean fields around Ames, central Iowa has a number of excellent locations for collecting aquatic insects. These include several rivers, lakes and marshes within easy driving (or bicycling) distance of Iowa State University. The following are but a few possibilities:

Skunk RiverSkunk River Watershed

S Fork Skunk River @ Soper's Mill, 42°06.16'N 93°34.56'W  280m

S Fork Skunk River @ Riverside Drive, 42°04.01'N  93°37.28'W  275m

S Fork Skunk River above Carr Park, 42°02.64'N 93°36.23'W  270m

Squaw Creek below 13th Street, 42°02.02'N 93°38.01'W  280m

West Peterson Park, 42°05,23'N 93°35.82'W 280m


Doolittle PrairieMiscellaneous sites in central Iowa

Boone River @ confluence Des Moines River, 42°18.68'N  93°56.01'W 280m

Ketelsen Marsh, 42°05.71'N 93°34.29'W  305m

McFarland Lake @ McFarland Lake, 42°05.71'N 93°34.29'W  300m

Pea Creek @ Ledges State Park (lower), 41°59.52'N 93°53.54'W  260m



Union hillsMiscellaneous sites in north-central Iowa

Big Wall Lake, 42°36.93'N  93°38.80'W  375m

Deadman's Lake @ Pilot Knob State Park, 43°14.99'N  93°33.90'W  415m

McIntosh Marsh near Clear Lake, 43°07.64'N 93°27.25'W  380m

Marshes @ Union Hills Wildlife Mgt Area, 43°00.71'N  93°25.66'W  380m


Upper Iowa RiverMiscellaneous sites in north-east Iowa

Lake Meyer County Park, 43°10.51'N  91°54.26'W  360m

Turkey River @ Clermont, 42°59.83'N  91°39.41'W  245m

Upper Iowa River @ Bluffton, 43°24.46'N  91°54.77'W  305m

Volga River @ Heron Road, 42°51.86'N  91°44.56'W  280m