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REU 2019

We will post information regarding the REU projects here as we progress.  For now, we will post reading lists for each project for those participants who want to start before arriving at ISU--though do not feel obligated to complete the reading list!

We will be using MATLAB and/or SAGE for coding.  We will be able to provide access for REU participants during the program.  Knowledge of Latex is useful--we will likely use Overleaf for collaboration on writing projects.  The data science project will use git for sharing data, so familiarity with the git commands is also helpful.  It would be helpful if you create accounts on those websites. accounts are free, and you can use the free personal accounts on Overleaf.  If you prefer, you can create these accounts after you have arrived at ISU.


Data Science:

Both projects will be lead by Dr. Eric Weber (  The Analysis project will also be mentored by Evan Camrud (, Caleb Camrud (, and Nate Harding (  The Data Science project will be mentored by Jay Mayfield (, Lee Przybylski (, Anna Aboud (, and Nate Harding (