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Psychobiology of Physical Activity

Psychobiology of Physical Activity
Acevedo, E.O., & Ekkekakis, P. (Eds.) (2006). Psychobiology of physical activity. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. ISBN: 9780736055369



Reviews of Psychobiology of Physical Activity

Psychobiology of Physical Activity is a long-awaited contribution to the understanding of the physiological connection between motor movement/exercise, mood, health, and brain functioning. It takes the reader beyond the fragmentary patchwork of psychobiological knowledge of the past and presents a well-coordinated journey through the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neurochemistry of physical activity and the resultant health benefits. [...] "Psychobiology of Physical Activity" will help clinicians understand the highly complex physiological connection between exercise and movement therapies and physiological and psychological health and well-being. [...] This text helps put to rest Cartesian dualism, black-box metaphors, and the belief that the mind-brain connection is too complex to truly understand. [...] The relevance of this book cuts across disciplines and provides insights and explanations for many exercise-related questions that for a long time appeared to defy answers.
Robert Perna and Kerri Monto

I relished the opportunity to review this book given my interdisciplinary research and teaching interests. On balance, there is much to gain by reading this volume and it may lead other readers to reflect and rethink their own approach to studying human physical activity behaviour. If it does, then the editors' motivation for expending time and effort bringing together all the information presented in the Psychobiology of Physical Activity will be richly rewarded.
Susan H. Backhouse
Sport & Exercise Psychology Review

This book will introduce many of us to exciting new territory.
Roy J. Shephard
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism

The text puts research into practice and is informative in its approach to the study of human behaviour and physical activity. This text is suitable for both academics and postgraduate students, and despite my limited knowledge of this area, it was a stimulating read.
David R. Broom
The Sport and Exercise Scientist