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The Virtual Visiting Professor Program aims to serve as a valuable resource to supplement classroom activities in your biology/life science classes. Faculty virtual visits serve two purposes. They provide an opportunity to have an ISU faculty member present a seminar on their cutting-edge research and provide your students with first-hand information about  resources available at Iowa State University in the areas of biology and genetics.

For more information or to arrange a virtual visiting professor visit to your classroom contact: Professor Don Sakaguchi, Director of Biology and Genetics Undergraduate Programs, Iowa State University, Download a flyer to post or share with colleagues.

ProfessorPresentation title
Dean AdamsUsing salamanders to understand how morphology evolves
Sarah AndersonThe CORN-ucopia of variation among corn varieties caused by transposons
Joe AungHow do plants talk to each other?
Hua BaiMechanisms of aging: From inter-organ communication to inter-organelle cross-talk
Raquel Espin-PalazonZebra-fishing for the cure of blood disorders
Jeff EssnerUnderstanding and repairing the genome using CRISPR/Cas9
Moe GuptaUsing yeast to understand how cells divide OR Understanding how cells control their microtubule cytoskeleton
Dior KelleyRoots as a route to study plant stem cells
Sayali KukdayCollaboration: It’s not just about the learning
Maura McGrailCRISPR for genetic models of brain development and disease
Marna Yandeau-NelsonA plant’s molecular raincoat: Researching ways in which plants protect themselves from environmental stress
Don SakaguchiStem cells and bioengineering for brain and tissue repair strategies
Geetu TutejaThe basic biology of pregnancy disorders
Nicole ValenzuelaThe fascinating biology of turtles and the challenges to study them
Jonathan WendelThe wondrous world of plant genomes
Hongqing (Michelle) GuoFERONIA, an important player in balancing plant growth and stress responses
Jeanne SerbWhat Scallops’ Many Eyes Can Teach Us About the Evolution of Vision

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