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Past Members of the Dinsmore Lab

Ph.D. Students

Aaron T. Pearse (2007). “Estimation and modeling of wintering waterfowl numbers in Mississippi.” Current position: Wildlife Biologist, USGS-Northern Prairie Science Center

Ross R. Conover (2009). Benefits of a conservation buffer resource management system to grassland birds in Mississippi.” Current position: Associate Professor at Paul Smiths College

Paul D. B. Skrade (2013). “Reproductive decisions of Mountain Plovers in southern Phillips County. Montana.” Current position: Assistant Professor at Upper Iowa University

Tyler M. Harms (2021). "Methods for surveying and estimating breeding waterfowl populations in the Prairie Pothole Region of Iowa." Current position: Wildlife Biometrician for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Rachel S. Siller (current). "Integrated population model for the Mountain Plover in Montana".

M.S. Students

Sharyn L. Hood (2006). “Nesting ecology of Snowy and Wilson's Plovers in Texas.”

Theresa M. Childers (2006). “Breeding biology of the Mountain Plover in Montana.” Current position: Biologist with the National Park Service (Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park)

Brad D. Holder (2006). “Nesting ecology of Wild Turkeys in Mississippi.” Current position: Biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Paul D. B. Skrade (2008). “Incubation behavior and dispersal patterns in the Mountain Plover.” Current position: Assistant Professor at Upper Iowa University

Cory J. Gregory (2011). “Reproductive ecology of the Long-billed Curlew in Nebraska.” Current position: Tour leader for Field Guides.

Tyler M. Harms (2011). “Distribution and abundance of secretive marsh-birds in Iowa.” Current position: Research Associate at Iowa State University

Amber N. Wiewel (2011). “Population biology of Puerto Rican forest birds.” Current position: Biologist with ARMI

Maria C. Dzul (2011). “Population dynamics of Devil's Hole Pupfish in Death Valley National Park.” Current position: Fisheries biologist with USGS in Arizona

Molly K. Gillespie (2013). “Bird and bat responses to wind energy development in Iowa.” Current position: Environmental Scientist with Stantec, Inc.

Kevin T, Murphy (2013). “Waterbird use of dynamic sheetwater wetlands in Iowa’s Prairie Pothole Region.” Current position: Data Analyst II with the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology at Iowa State University

William Reiter-Marolf (2014). "Lead in species of greatest conservation need: free-flying bald eagles as indicators." Current position: Biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Iowa

Shane S. Patterson (2016). "Local and landscape effects on population dynamics of birds and butterflies in Iowa."

Zack Ruff (2016). "Breeding ecology of the Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus) in Phillips County, Montana."

James Dupuie, Jr. (2018). "Ring-necked Pheasant responses to wind energy in Iowa." Current position: GIS specialist in Michigan

Patrick McGovern (2018). "Survival and space use of white-tailed deer fawns in central Iowa." Current position: Biologist with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rachel A. Vanausdall (2018). "Migrating and breeding bird use of restored shallow lakes in Iowa." Current position: Ph.D. student at Colorado State University

Benjamin M. West (2020). "Bird-habitat relationships in southern Iowa forests." Current position: Ph.D. student at SUNY-ESF

Sarah Hoepfner (current). "Dunlin nest survival and movements in the Arctic."

Nicole Bosco (current). "Bird and vegetation responses to water management at Red Rock Reservoir."


Undergraduate Students

Joshua D. Obrecht (2006). Honors Thesis advisor

Sarah Scheel (2007). Independent Study

Keenan Zeltinger (2007). Independent Study

Todd Buckley (2008). Independent Study

Caitlynn Cox (2010-11). Dean’s Leadership Scholar

Emily Gamm (2011). Science With Practice

Mica Rumbach (2011). Honors Thesis advisor

Sarah Van Tol (2012). Honors Thesis advisor

Kristen Alverson (2012-13). Dean’s Leadership Scholar

Kate Hunter (2013). Honors Thesis advisor

Maggie Daves (2013-14). Dean’s Leadership Scholar

Matthew Garrick (2013-14). Science With Practice/Independent Study

Marit Bakken (2014-15). Dean’s Leadership Scholar

Kelsey Fleming (2015). Independent Study/Science With Practice

Cassandra Baird (2015). Science With Practice

Jordyn Scumaci  (2015-16). Dean’s Leadership Scholar

Emily Bierbaum (2016). Science With Practice

Jose Carranza (2018–2019). George W. Carver intern