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Miscellaneous Photos

Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull with a deformed bill, 8 February 2002, Harrison County, Mississippi.


AK Sign

An anti-government sign in Teller, Alaska. The sign depicts the "government louse" sucking money from the hapless taxpayers.


Participants on Pelagic Trip

Participants on a "pelagic" trip, 8 September 2000, Lake McConaughy, Keith County, Nebraska.

Some birding companions, including...



J Dinsmore

Jim Dinsmore, my father.



Gordon Brown and me

Gordon Brown and me with a chunk of Alaska's Holgate Glacier.



George and Gordon Brown

George and Gordon Brown in Montana.



Joe Fontaine

Joe Fontaine in western Nebraska.



Dave Ely and me

Dave Ely and me in southeastern Arizona.




Molly, one of the Labrador retrievers I grew up with.