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Current projects that are underway in the Keating Lab

  • Investigating ovarian DNA damaging impacts of environmental toxicant exposures such as glyphosate and Perfluorooctanoic acid and additive impact of obesity.

  • Determining the involvement of ovarian prolactin signaling in subfertility caused by heat stress and obesity using rodent and porcine models.

  • Determining impacts of gestational exposure to a genotoxicant on maternal and offspring ovarian function.

  • Evaluating developmental and physiological status effects on ovotoxicity.

  • Elucidating mechanisms in the ovary that regulate chemical metabolism and whether obesity alters these modes of action.

  • Investigating impact of genotoxicant exposure on ovarian DNA damage and the ovarian protective response.

  • Determining adverse outcome pathways due to ovotoxicant exposures.

  • Examining how the ovary biotransforms chemical exposures (zearalenone, Perfluorooctanoic acid) and if obesity alters ovarian chemical metabolism.